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Thursday, June 28, 2007

How does the host city of the Olympics earn money? -

i heard cities want to host the olympics because of all the money they would be earning. Beijing spent 40 billion dollars, how and where do they earn the money ? ________candy floss________Frist of all just like the super bowl, people come from all over the world, hotels are all the way filled, restuarants and stores are always filled. The economy is booming with profit, the worlds focus is all on the Olympics, the economy of china is doing very well, and this come in need sense the earthquick hurt them so bad.God bless and peace be with all the homeless. ________They have insane sponsors that I am sure contribute to the cost of the Olympics. However, there is no set amount of how much a country must spend to prepare for the Olympics and how much to spend of the opening ceremony. It was their decision to do so. So they will probably not make as much as they would, but it will be remembered forever so... money well spent? Merchandising? Gotta be nice... Yeah... They make money.________they can earn from so many way, but will it cover their expend or not, it is another story. they can earn from - direct sponsors to the game (which i already list those products on my lists of shame forever.) -sponsors ads -Broadcasting license of the game which they can sell to tv station all over the world just like fifa world cup. -gift, tourist, -most of all gt; the boost to their own economic. -etc... the world has learned so much of the trustworthy chinese-communist style, and we should never forget!________Well, it doesn t cost $200 to go to Beijing and stay there for two and a half weeks to watch the Olympics. Who cares about team outfits. Designed by who? Who said the island of Hawaii wasn t a billionaire, whatever that means.________Through tourism is the short answer. Visitors spend money on hotels, food, gifts, etc and they get worldwide exposure in the process. Its like a 3 week long commercial promoting your city to the entire world. ________Tourism and tax dollars. You are talking about a LOT of people coming in renting hotels, eating out, shopping, buying groceries, etc. ________sales tax from tourism.... probably something from tv, money from sponsors________It is like one huge advertisement for the host country. It will instigate tourism.________Tourism and TV and radio broadcasting rights________Tourism.________By making tickets $2000.

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