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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How can a 13 year old earn enough money to buy a MacBook? -

Please, someone answer :D How can a 13 year old earn enough money IN A YEAR to be able to purchase a MacBook??________Nothing beats good old fashioned work. Do chores at home for a little pocket money. Lleave an ad to your local supermarket that you′re looking for work including taking dogs out, watching some kids at evenings and doing all sorts of yard work. Remember to put all your earnings on a bank account, so you won′t spend them accidentally. Also, you might want to sell some of your old stuff on ebay or flea market. Get creative!________A year is a long time baby! Do you have a computer right now at home ? Start building some internet blogs and sites and selling. Check out this tip by Harvey Segal, in one year, you re on your way to a new Macbook :D ________you can deliver newspapers - it will take way less than a year you can babysit you can walk dogs

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