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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What is an easy way to earn money as a preteen? -

I want money so I could buy collecters items. I need an easy way to get money!________Do things for your friends, charge people intrest when they borrow money from you, Have a garage sale, If youre 13 in some places you can get a low paying job, Make things and sell them, do homwork for people, Do extra chores for your parents, ask for an allowence. These are the things that helped me. : ) OH! currently im saving all my change in a bag. and all the money im not using on lunch. Ive had it for like 4 days and i already have 15 soon as my dad pays my 5 back.________Hi There This Is A Pretty Good Earner. You Must use a Search Engine, Yeah! Well use This And Get Payed while Your Searching The More Ads Come Up The More Money You Make! what it is you like to do the most. Then find people to pay you for it.________Gosh, if money was easy to make, none of us would really need it, now would we? Earning money requires work, most of the time really hard work. This time of the year, lots of people would probably be interested in someone to rake leaves. When the snow flies, get out and ask your neighbors to pay you to shovel. You can also ask your neighbors with dogs if they would pay you to walk their dogs. Do a good job on every job you do, and people will give you more work! During the summer, you can mow lawns or house-sit.

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