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Friday, June 22, 2007

How do you earn money at the age of 13? -

I already earn money by reffing and since soccer season is over I could babysit or do chores....BUT.......I dont want to earn my parents money doing chores and I tryed with babysitting but it seems like all of the kids in my neighborhood already have someone who can watch them. HELP!!!!________Mow lawns, pick weeds for people, walk people s dogs, take up a paper route. Advertise for babysitter around town, just in case. But be careful of people, predators often use babysitting as an excuse to hurt young girls. If you are unfamiliar with the family, insist on watching the children at your home for awhile. Better safe than sorry.________sell soda water and chips at track meets, raise money for a walkathon and keep some. sell candy and say its for fundraising. work for an aunt or uncle.________You could try mowing yards for people, and shoveling snow in the winter. Go door to door advertising your lawn mowing.________try asking neighbors for help with yardwork, and ask people at ur school or friends and relatives if you can babysit...or sell lemonade...^.^________See if you can do clerical work at school. Ask your school counsellor, teacher, or principal for help. Really. Ask your folks to get you a job. They ll bust their butt trying to get you one. Work in a grocery store bagging groeries. Work in a restaurant as a busboy (or busgirl) Start doing a job which is something you like to do...even if you don t get paid for it at first. After a while, you should be able to get paid for doing it, either with the same boss or at a new place. No matter what you do, make sure you act mature. As a 13-year-old, people are going to be wary about your maturity; prove them wrong. Good luck!________Read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. You ll find ways :)________teach tap dancing________Since it s the summer, offer some tutoring to the kids in summer school. It doesn t have to be in all subjects, just the subjects you like. I tutored when I was a teen during the summers and after school during the regular school year and made decent money.________open an lemonade stand.________pet sitting yard sale washing cars lemonade stand cleaning houses________haha lol i just asked kinda asked a question like that.________Try to walk your neighbor s dogs. Mostly likely no one really had time to walk there dog, that might work!! or try gardening!.. Good Luck!!!________you could walk dogs , mow lawns . dog sit cat sit________You do lawns or you buy and sell stuff on need capital to start maybe $100... Actually...ur ONLY 13...wait and enjoy the fact that ur at one of the best times of your life.________my friend is 13 and she cleans house for other people and gets paid for it

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