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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How can i earn money without having a job? -

i want to know how to earn money without having a job. i am only 14 and cannot have a job. I want to make like 200-1000 before christmas so i can help my parents buy me a korg triton or some sort of keyboard i have like 300 now.________You may be able to trade on eBay (perhaps with your parents help as regards setting up an account). Find out all you can about eBay and about what you might sell there. Second-hand CDs are often good if you know your market. They can often be picked up quite reasonably in local second-hand and charity stores. Research your market (on eBay) and find out what is in demand - it may not be the kind of music you are into but that doesn t matter too much. While you are there, you can also keep an eye on auctions for Korg Tritons!________Do you have any neighbors that need their lawns mowed or that have dogs that need walking? You say you can t have a job but those are a few that you could have. Or babysitting. Helping do other odd jobs. Good luck.________simple. just sit down on street and bigging for money from many people around . =)________Why not get a paper round, ask at your local newsagents, I think you are old enough for this kind of job, that would give you some extra cash. If you have any old CD s, toys or clothes. Try selling them on the internet. You could also ask your family and neighbours if they wanting any chores doing for a small fee, such has washing cars, walking dogs, shopping.________Try this site: it can make you good money and it is easy to do. There are no fees and it pays out every Friday.________There ya go! Expect something for nothing! Now you re talking like a true American welfare recipient!________Simple dude. just go around town and ask people if they want help. and if they ask, just be honest. they will be so impressed that they will give you extra for that. go to bars and help guys court girls. don t get it? some guys need help in introducing themselves from beautiful girls. you could be that helper. go to your teachers and do some manual jobs for them.(print some test papers, grade some kindergarten papers, bring their lunches,etc.) doesn t even matter even if its a holiday. do what i do and hang around places where the rich and the wealthy hang around. you might pick some good change on the ground. you can also wait for some clumsy people that need helping. go to the stores and ask them if you can do some chores for cash. go to wishing wells for some change. also try stealing someones stuff and getting it back from them. (DON T STEAL! JUST FOLLOW MY LEAD) just tell them that what you did is bad and say sorry. they usually give you cash for a ride home (if you play your cards right) Ask your friends to. and if you like to do it fast, try MAGIC! always a good equalizer. always aim for the old and the rich. get a pedicab and let people ride in the passenger seat and be like a 1(1/2)mile radius taxi. fair rate depends on the state. try those MOVES kid.________if you like to garden then grow fruits and veggies im 13 i help sometimes with my mom to water the plants and the fruits then you can sell them to people in the market, you know the market where people usualy buy fresh stuff grown by people like honey or other stuff that will get you money.________Money = job Job = money... get it???? If it were easy for us all to not work and STILL make money do you think any of us would work...seriously!________sorry there is only on way to earn money get a job now there are over 1000 ways to earn unearned money and believe me from a retired person the unearned money is a lot easier!!!________If you have anything else that your parents don t mind you selling (bike/stereo/models/audio visual equipment) to make the sacrifice you could auction them off on ebay. Or ask your parents or relatives if you could clean out attics/garages/storage rooms and if there is anything they don t need anymore that you might be able to put up on ebay. Unfortuately short of a paper round etc which will not pay you what you need in that space of time other companies where you could possibly get a better rate doing quot;paid work experiencequot; may not be able to employ you until you are older. Best of luck - if you find something else do tell the rest of us ;)________tap dancing on the corner of the street________It is very good idea, if you came to know, let me also , I also need the same.________Beg people...________dealing aka street pharmacist

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